H/J Aerospace is a reliable, rapid solution to meet and exceed operation needs for mechanical system & product design. With the capability to promptly develop viable and manufacturable prototype, product and mechanical system solutions, H/J Aerospace has the resources to solve mechanical product design challenges, with over 15 industries of projects completed.

Mr. Hatch is an out-of-the-box thinking resourceful engineer. With a heritage from German engineering and invention, he is the mechanical developer of multiple world-leading deployments, such as the world’s most advanced fully-articulated humanoid robotic head, the world’s fastest postal letter sorter, and several confidential projects behind the infrastructure of today’s mechatronics and supply chain giants.

As the CEO of H/J Aerospace, Mr. Hatch brings a broad, rich portfolio of project leadership and a volume of successful prototypes & product launches ranging from US$20 per unit to over US$10MM per unit price tags. He oversees each mechanical product and prototype design, to insure that it meets only the highest standards of accuracy and quality in all aspects of form and function. Contact Us today to find out more.

Since 2007, H/J Aerospace has accumulated over 20 years of project experience. From small consumer products and precision aerospace components, to large capital equipment & machinery, H/J has piloted and effected small & large product development operations.

Past Results have been consistently faster performance to reach the solution (20-70% of time expected), multiple clients reaching new historical benchmark success, and functional product accuracy with extended residual success leading to improved legacy product designs and design methods for several clients.

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The mission of H/J Aerospace is a practical and direct approach to industry, with an emphasis on faster & accurate results. The purpose is to enable inventors, startups, established companies, and government entities to cut costs and boost development times in the ideation & product development processes. The results thus far have been industry-changing results accomplished within only fractions of the time & cost expected in today’s marketplace, and the road ahead looks to be even greater success on a broader scale. Contact Us today to find out more.

In looking ahead for the engineering market, H/J Aerospace continues to lead in technological innovation for product development. Key areas include reliability of Digital Data Sets, seamless translation of design data & drawings to manufacturing, and long-term production enhancements both nationally and globally. H/J Aerospace aims to ever improve the product development process while improving every product; to merge relevant technology with every customer’s specific project. Helping companies and industry move forward is the goal of H/J Aerospace. Contact Us today to find out more.