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Welcome to H/J AEROSPACE

Engineering, Expedited. At H/J Aerospace we introduce new technologies into the industry and reach new global benchmarks in the engineering world. We are a direct consulting firm for outsourced mechanical and system design support with a focus on mechanical product and system design, specializing in Aerospace, Robotics, and Mechanical Systems & Machinery.

What is unique about H/J Aerospace is that we perform at higher precision and much faster performance in delivering only the most accurate solutions in product development. Unlike the competition, H/J Aerospace has combined experience in world-leading robotics, automation, consumer-products, aerospace technologies, and mechatronics systems, among over 15 industries of successfully deployed products.

Return on Investment (ROI) is the focus of H/J Aerospace with every client, large and small, which puts your bottom dollar and success as our overall standard of success. Attention to functionality, cost of materials, and all customer demands are key metrics in our services provided. Please fill out the Contact Page to find out more.

Mechanical Product & System Design Engineering
Mechanical Engineering and 3D Design | H/J Aerospace
H/J Aerospace specializes in 3D design and CAD design. Our CAD Designers are exceptional and will cater to your most difficult standards.
H/J Aerospace to Offer Low Monthly Rates and One-shot Project Pricing January 11, 2016 In the entrepreneurial spirit, H/J Aerospace remembers successes like GoPro, Breathometer, the 3D Printer booming market, and the latest technology success stories from the show Shark Tank. In the effort to enable ongoing development and fast turnaround technology startups, H/J Aerospace now offers more plans to help investors and inventors alike save even more on product development costs, with all-new project-specific and monthly pricing starting in 2016. Read more about H/J Aerospace here: Read more about Shark Tank success stories here: Read more about the success of GoPro here:
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